Most Brand Communities Are Transactional – Own It!

Most brand communities are transactional. Members come when they want answers to questions and leave when they get them. They don’t want to engage with the brand or be connected to others. It’s time to focus our strategies on that.

The Emerging Role Of The Community Architect

A new role is emerging for a rising number of community professionals—the role of community architect. It’s a support function that enables other departments to build thriving communities.

What’s The Best Community Enterprise Platform In 2024?

A detailed analysis of the top six community enterprise platforms to determine which platform is best for which use cases.

Community-Driven Advocacy – How To Drive Growth From An Existing Community

How can you drive growth if you have an existing community program? Discover a process to make it work for oyu.

Six Community Launch Strategies And When To Use Them

The approach you take to launch a community in the 2020s depends on two things; the size of the audience and the type of community you’re trying to launch.

There’s No Such Thing As A ‘Platform You Control’

The idea that you should host your community on a ‘platform you control’ is a couple of decades old now. But the reality is there’s no such thing. Here’s a better way of thinking about it.

This is Community in 2024 (A Strategic Briefing For The Year Ahead)

This year will be different from any past year of community building. Long-running trends have finally caught up with us. It’s time to adjust and adapt.

Stop Comparing Members To Non-Members! Two Better Methods To Prove Community Value

Stop comparing community members to non-members. There are much better ways to prove the value of your community. Here are two I’d recommend.

Five Difficult Enterprise Community Challenges To Solve In 2024

There are plenty of challenges you could tackle related to your enterprise community. Here are five I think are worth making a priority this year.

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