There is a better way to
build online communities

Our mission is to use psychology, data, and technology to revolutionise
how we build communities for customers, employees, and supporters.

Since 2008, FeverBee has pioneered a scientific approach to building communities.

This approach has helped 250+ of the world’s largest organizations.

You can see our results here.

The World Bank

Our success relies upon four strict principles:

Every engagement should be
based upon powerful principles of
psychology, not guesswork.

The value of the community should
be measured to deliver strategic
insights and gain internal support.

Platforms should be optimized
for each stage in the community

Building internal support is
as important as building
your community.

How we can help?


We can use social psychology
to increase engagement and
change member behavior.

We can provide a measurement
framework to track the success of
your community and glean useful
insights for strategic decisions.


We can train every member
of your team to a world-class

We can teach community strategy,
psychology, and how to measure your
community efforts. Our training is
available as on-site workshops or as
online courses.


We can make sure you have a
world-class community platform
at the best possible price.

We can take full responsibility for
developing your community platform.
We can help you redesign and migrate
your old community or implement an
entirely new platform.

These are our people


- Founder

Rich has spent the past decade helping 250+ companies develop some of the world’s largest online communities. He is the founder of FeverBee and the author of Buzzing Communities.


- Director of Consultancy

Todd has helmed projects which delivered successful communities for many organisations, from startups to global brands. He further specializes in platform selection and gamification.


- Head of Community

Hawk has a decade of experience building communities in the tech and startup space. She excels at UX, persuasive technology, and developing world class community platform experiences.


- Senior Community Consultant

Nancy is our resident expert in knowledge management. She has extensive training in overcoming specific challenges which prevent audiences from sharing knowledge with one another.


- Community Consultant

Phil is a community consultant with a research background in organizational identity. Hailing from Sydney, he moved to London for the weather.


We are always on the lookout for talented consultants. If you’d like to learn more about being part of our team, email [email protected]

This is Our Story


Rich interns with
Seth Godin in New York.

FeverBee is born!


We hire our first employee and
launch our first training course.

Rich makes his first mark
on the international
speaking circuit.

Buzzing Communities
is published.

We launch our own
community named

Nancy Kinder joins us!


Sarah Hawk joins the team!

CommunityGeek becomes
FeverBee Experts and
migrates from Drupal to

We publish detailed guides
on ROI and Strategy.

We launch our Strategic
Community Management
and Psychology of Commu-
nity courses.


Rich begins managing
his first community.

Rich's blog reaches 500+


The blog reaches 2800+ subscribers
and FeverBee is registered
as a business.

The Proven Path
is published


Our team grows to 4 people!


Our team grows to 6 people!


We host Virtual Community
Summit in London and SPRINT
in San Francisco.

Caty Kobe and Darren
Gough join the team!

We host SPRINT in London
and San Francisco.


Todd Nilson joins and our team
increases to 8 employees!


Phil Betts joins us!

We rebrand

And that brings us to our journey today.
You know our mission. Join us.

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