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What’s The Best Community Enterprise Platform In 2024?

Richard Millington
Richard Millington

Founder of FeverBee

Over the past six months, FeverBee has undertaken a detailed analysis of the top six community enterprise platforms to evaluate their strengths and weaknesses. 

Our analysis showed one platform has gained a slight lead over the competition, one platform has fallen significantly behind, and three others have slightly differentiated offerings to appeal to the unique needs of different organisations. 

Perhaps most importantly, the gap between five of the top six vendors has narrowed. Today it’s less about selecting ‘the best’ platform than it is identifying the right platform for your unique needs. The basis of competition has shifted from a core feature set to services, integrations, pricing and information security concerts (all of which we evaluate in our report).

We’ve created two distinct reports. 

  1. Customer Satisfaction Analysis (free to download).
  2. FeverBee’s Detailed Technical Analysis ($1400 USD).

Customer Satisfaction Analysis (free to download)

What’s the most popular community platform according to customers?

This report reveals the results of our survey of over a hundred community professionals concerning the platforms they use. We have provided both a summary score and results by each criterion including:

  •  Breadth of features.
  • Quality of features.
  • Customisation/flexibility.
  • Integrations.
  • Data privacy and Security.
  • Services and Support team.
  • Ease of Use
  • Time To Value
  • Value for Money
  • Reports and Analytics. 
We’ve displayed the results both as a ranking of the most popular community platform and by each unique feature.


FeverBee’s Technical Analysis ($1400 USD)

How does each platform compare in our technical analysis?

Selecting the right community platform is one of the biggest decisions any organisation will make when developing a community. Selecting the wrong platform will result in poor performance, high maintenance costs, and disappoint members.

In this report, we have evaluated the top six community platforms against the same criteria we use for client RFPs to identify not only our current top community platform in the market today, but also which platforms are best suited for which purposes.

In this Report
  • Identification of the top six enterprise community platform vendors. 
  • Overview of the current enterprise community platform market (including its size and trends).
  • A detailed criteria for creating an RFP and evaluating community platforms. 
  • Our detailed analysis of each of the top six enterprise community platforms.
  • Our summary of the top community platform on the market today.

Before you invest hundreds of thousands of dollars on your next migration or platform purchase, I recommend you buy this report.

It will ensure you avoid making a costly mistake and select the right platform for your unique needs.

If you would like custom support selecting or developing the right community platform for your unique circumstances, contact us. 

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