Community Strategy

We help clients launch and improve the performance of communities by developing strategies which combine best practices in psychology, user experience, and business strategy. Our approach is data-driven, systematic, and has a clear track record of success.

Ensure Your Community Follows Best Practices

We make sure our clients are following best practices in every aspect of their community. We help our clients understand where they are today and help them track progress over time. 

We Take A Different Approach To Building Communities

We take a different approach to building communities. We believe in research, not assumptions. Data, not guesswork. And we put the psychology before the technology. Since 2010, our approach has helped 300+ organisations develop thriving communities. Even in the most challenging environments we’ve helped customers, members, and employees, help one another. Our mission is to help great organisations build indispensable community. 

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Data lies at the core of everything we do. We help our clients analyse the health and impact of their communities to make data-driven decisions to improve community performance.


We partner with our clients to develop a community strategy aligned with their goals and unique challenges. We build understanding and support for communities within every organization we work with.


We believe great processes deliver great outcomes. We help clients build best-in-class community operations systems to improve community performance.


We provide our clients with specific, tactical, recommendations to support every strategy we develop. Our team has deep domain knowledge in community management, technology, and data which lets us engage deeply within every community project.

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What Our Clients say

"Evolving from reactive to proactive community management was a huge challenge for us, so Feverbee developed a dedicated training program and is providing ongoing support to our community managers. We benefited massively from its well-structured, science-proven approach to community strategy building."
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What Our Clients say

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