Prove The Value Of Your Community

We can set up your entire community measurement and evaluation system so you will finally have the data you need to prove your value and make the right decisions about your community.

We Will Develop Your Community Data System

Many community professionals have access to so much data they’re not sure where to even begin analysing it. We can guide you through the entire process of developing your data system. We will help you identify which metrics matter, how to analyse your data, and how to build great community dashboards. 

Prove and Improve Your Community's Impact

Your community is providing you with a torrent of powerful insights every single day. However, too often this data goes to waste. Many organisations don’t know what metrics to track or how to analyse them to benefit from useful insights. We believe data lies at the core of community decision-making. We will help you get all the data you need to know exactly what your members want, prove the value of your community, and make the right decisions about your community

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Measure Community Value and ROI

We can measure the impact of your community on key business metrics. We can show you how community has impacted things like sales, retention, and net promoter score. We even have our own metrics designed specifically for community.

Benchmarking a community against best practices and/or competitors.

Get a detailed evaluation of your own community’s performance and how you compare against ‘best in class’ practices and your fiercest competitors. We can use this data to prioritise your plans to achieve your community goals. You can learn more about this here.

Optimise Your Community Roadmap

Our community consultants undertake comprehensive member research and participate in detailed UX testing to identify the key platform paint points and the primary needs of members. We can use this data to help you optimise your technology roadmap.

Discover Remarkable Insights

We can use our statistical techniques and experience to harness remarkable trends and insights for your community. For almost any question you want to answer, we can use insights harnessed from the community to resolve it.

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