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Philosophy on Training

Richard Millington
Richard Millington

Founder of FeverBee

This is the final week you can sign up for Psychology of Community, Strategic Community Management, or both.

Let’s talk briefly about training and courses.

I spent two days last week at a public speaking workshop.

It was incredible. I learned techniques (and a mental framework) used by some of the best speakers in the world.

This has improved every talk I ever do for the rest of my life.

A few months ago, I signed up for an online course in data analytics. We’re now able to do a deeper analysis of communities than almost anyone else in our field.

I can tell you what variables you can manipulate in your community to drive significant results. This delivers exponential value to us and our clients.

In the past few years, I’ve taken courses on building habits, social psychology, and, yes, building communities.

Every single course has improved the consultancy we deliver and helped us build a very successful business.

Philosophy on Training

My philosophy towards training is pretty simple; take as much of it as possible.

There are two reasons here:

  1. Training lets you make big leaps ahead. Experience helps me become incrementally better, but it’s always training that has led to the great leaps ahead. You can’t incrementally learn data analytics or psychology, you need training.
  2. Training is usually a bargain. A few hundred dollars (or even a few thousand) is a tiny price to pay if it equips you with a new skill set for life.

I know people who haven’t taken a single educational course since college.

I truly don’t get this. My mindset, and perhaps your mindset too, is if this is the work I’ve chosen to spend this portion of my life doing, I’m going to make sure I’m as good at it as I can be.

I genuinely believe you should pester your boss at every opportunity for more training. They might say no, but you shouldn’t be making their decision for them.

Don’t Refuse Training For Yourself

You have plenty of convenient excuses to deny yourself training.

Just tell yourself you don’t have time. You’re too busy right now.

You probably know this already, but you will always be too busy.

Do you ever find yourself sitting at your desk waiting for something to do? Me neither.

Believe me, it wasn’t easy to take two entire days last week to do a public speaking workshop. But once I made that commitment, everything slotted into place. Nothing blew up in my absence.

Don’t reject yourself for training to keep yourself busy.

Make A Commitment To Yourself

Whether you take our courses or not, please make a commitment to becoming the best community manager you can be. Find training that works for you.

You’re going to be working with your organization’s best and most passionate customers. These people deserve you at your very best.

You’re going to be managing a platform that your organization has invested thousands, possibly hundreds of thousands, of dollars into. Your organization needs that investment to pay off.

You’re going to be in this field for a while, you will get more out of it if you’re highly trained within the field.

The (short) Pitch

I believe psychology is the core skill everyone working with a community should feel comfortable with.

If you’re in the trenches working with a range of people every day, it’s critical to understand how to engage them, respond to them, and keep them happy and motivated.

Almost every problem you need to overcome (attracting and engaging members, changing behavior, nurturing to contributors etc…) requires a deeper understanding of psychology.

Join us next week and learn it.

Psychology of Community – $675 USD
Strategic Community Management – $675 USD
COMBINED – Psychology of Community and Strategic Community Management – $1100 USD

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