Are you thinking strategically about community management?

Do you know which tasks will have the biggest impact upon your community?

Are you making the best use of your time, budget and resources?

Are you struggling to change the behavior of your community members? 

Strategic Community Management is an interactive course, designed by FeverBee founder Richard Millington, for everyone working with online communities today.

The course will help you stop chasing meaningless engagement metrics and start focusing on activities which drive phenomenal growth and the behavior you want from members.

Strategic Community Management combines our hard-earned lessons helping build some of the largest communities in the world with feedback from the top community professionals in the industry.

This course will teach you to use your limited resources to achieve the biggest possible impact in your online community. During this course program, you will learn to question every activity you do and determine what is worth doing and where best to spend your time to achieve the biggest impact.


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How The Strategic Community Management Course Is Delivered

Via a combination of recorded sessions and live webinars, Richard Millington will guide you through the process of developing a strategic plan uniquely tailored to your community.

Over the course of six weeks you will:

  • Understand the importance of strategic thinking in your work. Stop trying to do everything and start focusing on the things that move the needle.
  • Learn how to determine which activities have the biggest possible impact on the metrics that matter.
  • Connect specific member behaviours to your organization’s goals, increasing return on investment with practical, measurable actions.
  • Apply proven psychological principles to drive the behaviours you need your members to take.
  • Identify which segments of your community to spend most of your time on and how to cater specific to their behavior.
  • Apply stakeholder theory to gain internal buy in from your boss and other key executives.

I signed up for the Strategic Community Management course at a time when I was taking over a brand-new community, and at the same time, was green to the community space. This course gave me the tools to feel confident in my role and provided me with resources that I have gone back to time and time again. The best part is, I can go back to them indefinitely!

My key learning takeaways from this course were being able to articulate what our community goals actually are and ruthlessly cut anything not aligned with it. Every fibre of this course is designed to make you think differently about community and how to execute exceptional ideas at every strategic level. The connections I was able to make through this course provided me with invaluable ongoing feedback in a field that can sometimes (and ironically) be very isolated. Not only did I walk away with a complete Strategic Plan, but I analyze every single thing I do in a new and focussed way.

– Emily Neufeld from Elastic Path Software

“Before taking this course, so much work I’d been doing felt like important work but I wasn’t able to justify it. It wasn’t until I utilized these frameworks that I was able to attribute my work to larger objectives that prove that what I’m doing is valuable.”

Ellie MacBride, Patreon

“This is easily the most eye-opening, effective learning experience I’ve had in years .”

– Katie Paffhouse Bussey, Hearing First

“Working through SCM allowed me to walk away with a clear community strategy for my current clients and a roadmap to do it again and again.  Now I get to focus on tasks and tactics that really matter, rather than simply trying random challenges, and daily engagement posts. Absolutely phenomenal!

Diana Tower, Community Consultant for Ramit Sethi’s GrowthLab

“The course has helped shed light on exactly what our team needs to do in order for our community to be successful. We are now clear on what exactly we should be measuring and where we should be allocating resources.”

Cathy Homiski, Online Community Specialist at SNHU

“Richard was very engaging during the webinars, and gave us opportunity to participate and test our understanding of the concepts. As a plus, having an online community and conversations posted at every step to assist during the development of the course was like hiring FeverBee and their experts as consultants. Everyone was very responsive, helped uncover questions, and generously provided advice.”

– Simona Ciampi, Associate Director, Online Member Engagement, AACC

“The Strategic Community Management Course has given me new tools to create great objectives and tactics. Thanks to the innovative approach outlined in the course, I am now able to change the conversation with thought leaders and governance, in a way that will truly benefit my community.”

– Kathleen Ulrich, Executive Director, Business Architecture Guild

“The SCM course – with the help of the Expert community – offers such a cogent and compelling approach. it turned out to be just what I was looking for to take my community to the next level”

– Matthew Mezey, Community Relationship Manager, The Health Foundation

Who Is Strategic Community Management For?

This course is designed for intermediate to advanced community professionals with experience in building engagement, who want to take their communities to the next level. It is aimed at those working in:

  • Community management
  • Social media
  • Knowledge management
  • Internal engagement and collaboration
  • Customer/employee-driven innovation
  • App development
  • Association management

We’ve spent six months developing Strategic Community Management, drawing from our experience working with over 200 clients, studying over 1000 psychology articles, interviewing dozens of top community experts who have delivered clear results, and conducting over 100 case studies.

Course Agenda

The course is divided into 6 weeks each tackling a core element of strategic community thinking.

Week 1:

Strategic Thinking

  • Learn how strategic thinking sets you up to eliminate distractions and focus on the tasks that matter
  • Discover the framework for allocating your resources, and how to best use them to deliver the biggest results
  • Understand the different elements of a strategic plan and how you’ll use them to develop your own

Week 2:

Goals & Objectives

  • Learn why it’s essential to align your community with your corporate goals
  • Translate your goals into member behaviour to uncover the actions that drive Return on Investment
  • Discover how to communicate the value of your community to gain the support of senior stakeholders

Week 3:

Target Audiences

  • Learn the relationship between target audiences and your community strategy
  • Use Ansoff’s Matrix to identify the most effective groups to target
  • Align your desired community behaviours with specific psychological motivations

Week 4:

Resource Allocation

  • Learn the role of failsafe objectives in maintaining community growth and activity
  • Anticipate the drops in some metrics as you pursue increases in the ones that count
  • Apply the formula for allocating resources to uncover the objectives the biggest drivers of value

Week 5:


  • Learn how to develop tactics for your community that are based on your specific situation
  • Prioritise those tactics by determining the length, reach and depth of their impact, and create an action plan
  • Learn the reason why most tactics fail, and what you can do to avoid that

Week 6:

Measurement & Improvement

  • Optimize your community’s performance by using measurement to drive improvement
  • Learn how to capitalise on your team’s expertise, and identify the gaps in knowledge that are preventing you from fulfilling your goals
  • Calibrate your strategic plan by identifying insights gained from your data collection
  • Learn how to make the most out of organizational change, and put your community on the strongest footing

Begins: Feb 2018


Access to course materials available now

Course Tutor

Richard Millington

Founder, FeverBee

Richard has spent the past 15 years helping 200+ organisations design successful internal and external engagement programs. Richard is the founder of FeverBee, the author of Buzzing Communities, a prolific speaker at events across 4 continents. Richard is passionate about using proven psychology to guide engagement.

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