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The Psychology of Online Communities Course

Richard Millington
Richard Millington

Founder of FeverBee

Today we opened enrollment for our Psychology of Community course.

We believe understanding psychology is critical to building successful online communities.

Our goal is to help you use principles of psychology to sustainably drive a high level of engagement.

This is a guided training program which will take place over 6 weeks from May 22 to July 7 (everything is recorded so you can quickly catch up after your vacation).

This course will cover:

  • How to diagnose community problems and develop psychology-driven solutions. We’re borrowing from the field of UX (among others) to provide you with the process to diagnose engagement problems yourself and develop solutions rooted in psychology.
  • How to get difficult audiences to participate. Especially those in senior roles or who claim to be too busy to participate.
  • How to increase member satisfaction. Learn engagement systems which will help each member feeling satisfied (as shown by feedback scores) and more supportive of your brand.
  • How to sustain and increase participation. We’re going to help you hook newcomers and satisfy the motivations which will keep members actively contributing.
  • How to gain the support of your organization. Understand this is a persuasion problem and we’re going to help you provide the right people with the right information at the right time.
  • How to build reward and recognition systems. Most reward systems are highly patronizing, use outdated principles from behaviorism, and don’t resonate with members. We’re going to teach you to design systems that work in the modern environment
  • How to hook top contributors and VIPs in your field to participate. You’re going to get a clear step to keep your top members happy and more engaged than before.
  • How to unite the group in a strong, shared, sense of community. We’re going to provide you with an updated framework to unite community members based upon testing on over a dozen communities.

This is a hands-on guided training program which will require about 2 hours per week for 6 weeks.

Our focus is on the application. We don’t want you to soak up information, we want you to use it.

Our coaches and I are going to answer questions, help you apply every principle and provide a safe place for you to refine your ideas before you introduce them into your community.

Registration opens today. You can get a 25% early-bird discount if you sign up by April 28.

I hope we see some of you on the inside.

p.s. We’ve also re-opened enrollment for our Strategic Community Management program. This has easily been the highest attended and the best-reviewed course we’ve ever run. You can sign up for both courses for $1100 (group rates available) before April 28.

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