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What Verb Is It?

Richard Millington
Richard Millington

Founder of FeverBee

Quick tip.

Our course participants know I dislike vague terms like use, share, update, collaborate etc…creeping into community strategies.

Get specific with your verbs so you, your colleagues, and your members know exactly what you mean.

  • “Sharing best practices” might become “publishing blog posts which we will send via our email newsletter to members on our newsletter mailing list”.
  • “Collaborating with each other” might become “Create time-limited groups and posting a detailed challenge for other members to solve by sharing their best solutions and editing the solutions of each other”.
  • “Welcome new members” might become “Send a direct message with a bullet point list and personal message to get started in the community”.

A lot wordier for a marketing message, but a lot clearer for everyone to understand what these vague terms mean.

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