How To Check Your Community Builder Is Doing As Promised

February 24, 2009 Comments Off on How To Check Your Community Builder Is Doing As Promised

It’s easy to condemn metrics, ROI and objectives (fun too).

But we risk opening the door for less scrupulous community professionals to sneak in. They promise little, demand trust and take a lot.

How can you know your community builder is doing a great job if there are no metrics? It’s obvious, don’t ask quantitative questions, ask qualitative questions. For example…

  • What have you done to grow and develop the community?
  • What have you learned so far?
  • What has the community achieved?
  • How did you identify members?
  • What are their common characteristics?
  • What does the community want from us?
  • What have community members been saying?
  • What hasn’t gone well?
  • What are the major issues in the community?
  • How many community members have you gotten to know?
  • Where do we need to allocate our resources?
  • What’s holding back progress?
  • Who are the key players in the community?
  • Why are they key players?
  • Who are our best helpers? How can we get them more involved?
  • How many of these key players like you?
  • What’s the next step?

Like metrics, expect distortions, exaggerations and Houdini-like vanishing acts.

A Faith Challenge

February 20, 2009 Comments Off on A Faith Challenge

Building a community isn’t making people do what your company wants, it’s your company doing things they want.

This is also a faith challenge. Put ROI aside. Have faith that selflessly serving your community as best you can will see them rewarding you as best as they can.

Sounds similar to a good friendship.