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Learn The Skills, Knowledge, and Resources Of World Class Community Managers

Richard Millington
Richard Millington

Founder of FeverBee

Over the the past decade, we’ve developed and refined a process for developing successful online communities for clients. 

We identified where clients are in their community efforts and then provide them with the skills, knowledge, and resources they need to progress their community further. 

Usually, this meant the client had an idea for the community but didn’t know how to implement it. So we explained what they needed to do at each stage.We developed their strategy and community platform in line with best practices. We ensured they didn’t make the mistakes many brands make. We gave them our proven scripts, templates and guides. And we trained their staff. 


The problem with consultancy

Unfortunately, this is time intensive. We can only take on a handful of clients a year and not every organization can afford our time.

So last year we wrapped our entire approach up into a course organizations could take. 

The course was the most advanced of its kind.

It’s intensive, fully online, and highly practical. It delivers hands-on coaching, refers to over 100 case studies and just under 300 references to peer-reviewed material. We teach students how to develop communities and how to apply this knowledge specifically to their own community efforts.

We’ve run the course twice now and been blown away by both the demand, quality of participants, and results achieves by our participants. 

So we’re very happy to run the course again this year.

We have opened registration for The Pillar Summit’s Professional Community Management course. You can download the prospectus here:


(only read on if you want more information about the course)


The Pillar Summit Course

The Pillar Summit is comprises of 3 modules:

1) How to start an online community. This takes the participant from conception (just coming up with the idea of a community) through to critical mass (when the community has reached the stage where growth/activity have come self-sustaining)

2)  Successful Community Management. This is our flagship module. This covers how to manage an active online community. Specifically, it explains how to grow a community, moderate a community, build relationships, what types of content to create and how to sustain high levels of activity amongst members.

3) Advanced community strategy. This module covers scaling a community, how to develop and executive a community strategy, measurement, metrics and gaining a positive ROI. We also go deep into community and group theory. 


During this course you will learn how to: 

  • Develop any community concept from scratch to critical mass.
  • Identify the resources your organizations needs to dedicate to the community. 
  • Select and develop the best platform for your online community.
  • Ensure people join and participate in your online community.
  • Sustain high levels of engagement in your community.
  • Use advanced social-psychology, and community-psychology techniques to develop a strong sense of community amongst members.
  • Tackle common community problems such as participation inequality, disputes, low engagement, and weak growth.
  • Participate in a platform and build relationships with members in line with proven relationship-development theory.
  • Measure the community using reliable metrics.
  • Gain a clear, provable, ROI from your community efforts.
  • Train other members of your community team.


How The Pillar Summit is taught

The Pillar Summit is an online course taught through both extensive written material (over 70,000 words) and a series of live, interactive, webinars. 

Webinar lessons are scheduled twice a week (so participants around the world can participate) and recorded to ensure no participant misses a lesson. 

During lessons we explain how to apply the material to your community efforts. We outline the material, use case studies, and help you use the material to improve your community efforts. 

In addition to this lesson, we also offer a huge number of extra benefits. These include: 

  • One to one coaching. We coach participants how to tackle their community-specific issues. 
  • The Pillar Summit’s Community Management Playbook. Learn how to tackle the most community problems communities face. 
  • Proven scripts for inviting members to participate, news posts, soliciting volunteers etc…
  • Weekly live-discussions. During these discussions we tackle common problems faced by members every week.
  • The Pillar Summit’s case study eBook. We provide participants with an eBook for case studies in successful community management.
  • Template strategy documents, website wireframes, content and action calendars. Drag and drop your activities into our pre-designed documents. 
  • Checklists for your community efforts. Ensure you’re following best practices and are undertaking every necessary activity to develop a successful community.
  • The Pillar Summit’s Community management Bible – the full text of every lesson. We don’t share this with anyone else.
  • Access to several community management journals. Access a variety of academic literature to online communities. Especially use for niche industries.
  • Guest speakers from some of the world’s top online communities. Every week, we have a live webinar featuring a community manager of a highly successful online community.
  • Open-clinic hours where you can seek help for any problems faced by your community.
  • Practical assignments. These help you apply the material learnt during the lessons directly to your community efforts.


Previous participants

Previous participants have included community managers for Oracle, Amazon, Lego, GreenPeace, Telligent, TeachFirst and a range of marketing agencies, non-profits, and associations. 

Previous participants have given the course incredible reviews


Registration for The Pillar Summit closes on Feb 19. 

If you want more information either download our prospectus at this URL: or visit

We hope to see a few of you there.  

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