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270+ Tactics Synced To Your Community Goals

Richard Millington
Richard Millington

Founder of FeverBee

Copywriters keep swipe files of great copy they can adapt for new clients.

That’s why you see so many headlines like “The Lazy [X] Guide To Achieve [Y]”.

Over the years, we’ve built a similar compendium of 270+ community tactics. Each tactic is categorized by the method, approach, and goal it’s designed to achieve.

For example, If a client wants to increase the level of activity per member, you can see two approaches. The first approach (improving utility) has 9 methods. Each of those methods details specific tactics you can try.

This should hopefully save you time and help you select the right tactics to achieve your goals.

I hope you find this free resource as useful as we have. Feel free to add and remove things from it as you like. It’s yours.

To download the tactics compendium, click here.

p.s. Next week we’re announcing our new FeverBee Course Semester. This semester will include Strategic Community Management and our new Psychology of Community course.

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