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Send Support Staff To Answer Questions (not vice-versa)

Richard Millington
Richard Millington

Founder of FeverBee

Take a look at the screenshot of the Logitech community below:

If you’re going to ask people asking for help in a community to contact the support team, what’s the point in having a community? (p.s. This is just two of countless similar responses posted in the community).

Surely it would make far more sense to send support staff to unanswered questions than unanswered questions to support staff?

If you do the former, support staff provide an answer that prevents more questions. This is better for everyone (and stops repeat questions). If you tell posters of unanswered questions to file that same question to support, you’re not only wasting their time but guaranteeing more people ask that question in the future.

For sure, if questions require private information or appear to be an emergency, guide them to support (or automatically escalate it to support). But for the rest, get support to answer in the community.

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