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The Big Community Strategy Question

Richard Millington
Richard Millington

Founder of FeverBee

Perhaps the biggest strategy question is defining the single outstanding trait that makes your community unique.

What will you pursue at the expense of other areas?

Some common examples:

  • Fastest place to get answers.
  • Provide trustworthy answers.
  • Be the most exclusive community.
  • Focus on a specific niche.
  • Focus on a single target audience.
  • Friendliest place / strongest personality / sense of community.
  • Most advanced tips.

Every answer leads you to a different community strategy.

For example, if your community is private and exclusive, you’re probably not going to use a typical forum platform, but a more ephemeral chat platform.

If you want your community to be the fastest place to get answers, you’re probably going to need a large superuser program.

If you want your community to be the place to get the most trustworthy answers, you’re probably going to want a smaller program just comprising of verified top experts.

These decisions change what technology you use, who you hire, what activities you initiate, and a lot more.

You can get everything else wrong and still succeed if you get this answer right.

What is the boundary you’re pushing your community towards?

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