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A Starter Home

Richard Millington
Richard Millington

Founder of FeverBee

I never understood the desire to launch a new community on a top-tier platform.

You invest hundreds of thousands of dollars and have to wait months to get started.

For a massive customer support community with clear demand, it might make sense. You’re simply redirecting traffic from one place to another.

For almost any other type of community, it simply doesn’t. It’s too slow, too risky, and too costly to make changes as you go.

Start with a platform that costs less than $5k to get started. Test the waters first.

Check your concept draws interested members. Make sure you can engage them and keep them engaged. Build up some momentum and get a sense of what features members do and don’t use. Use this time to learn everything you can about what does and doesn’t work.

When you’re ready and feel the clear need, move on to something that offers features your members are screaming for.

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