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Richard Millington
Richard Millington

Founder of FeverBee

As your community team grows, it makes sense to increase their skillset through training/courses etc.

But is the community team the only team interacting with the community? (or should it be?)

Shouldn’t far more staff members at least know how to:

  • Post and get responses in the community (using the right tone of voice and personality).
  • Test their content ideas in the community.
  • Solicit feedback on products.
  • Respond to product-related questions.
  • Collect and analyze community data for their needs.
  • Spot potentially big problems and escalate them to people who can resolve the issue?
  • etc…

Now, what about people that create content? Shouldn’t they also know how to:

  • Communify their content. Make it palatable for a broader audience.
  • Host Q&As, AMAs, and share short snippets about their work in the community?
  • Respond to questions about their content.

A growing part of FeverBee’s work this year is training larger groups of non-community staff to participate in the community and harness its value.

If you only train the community team to participate in the community, don’t be surprised when only they do participate in the community.

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