Spamming 95% Of Your Members To Engage 5% Doesn’t Make Sense

Opodo presumably sent this email out to their entire community mailing list telling them they didn’t win a competition.

Do you think members who received this email are more or less likely to read future messages from the community?

Any time you send an email which isn’t relevant to members, you’re reducing their likelihood of participating in the community again.

Emails about events most members aren’t attending, competitions most people didn’t win, website updates members don’t care about all do more harm than good.

This applies in other areas too. If you’re sending a mass email asking members to contribute, remember 95%+ of the recipients are lurkers who don’t have the time, expertise, or motivation to contribute. That 95% is now less likely to read future emails from your community.

The only time you should email the entire community is when you have major, important, news which is relevant to the entire community. The rest of the time you need to segment, use group @mention updates, or design a better system for reaching the people you need to reach.

If your update is only relevant to a small number of members, only email those members. Audience attention is a precious resource, don’t waste it.

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