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You Don’t See Many Single-Function Websites These Days

Richard Millington
Richard Millington

Founder of FeverBee

Can you imagine a brand website that only offered a list of solutions to potential product problems?

No information for new customers, job opportunities, about pages, latest news, case studies etc…just an online product manual.

Likewise, it’s hard to imagine a brand website which was just a digital product catalogue.

We’ve long accepted that a website offers multiple benefits to multiple audiences. There aren’t many single-function websites these days.

But there are still plenty of single-function communities.

The same people who want answers to questions also, by nature, want to use the product better. They want case studies, to get to know the staff, and to share their ideas for developing better products. They want the full range of things a community can provide.

If you’re not giving members the ability to do this, you’re only offering a tiny fraction of the value a community can offer.

The reason we haven’t seen many single-function brand websites in the past 20 years is no-one wants to miss out on the full benefits a website provides.

That logic applies to community too. If you’re focusing on only a single benefit you’re missing out on the full range of benefits a community offers.

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