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Basic Platform Optimization Tips

Richard Millington
Richard Millington

Founder of FeverBee

There are a bunch of basic platform optimization tips.

  • Have a dynamic banner at the top of the page adapted to members by level of activity/tenure in community.
  • Feature the latest activity above the fold on the community homepage.
  • Reduce the size of the banner/top image to 1/3rd of above-the-fold area.
  • Provide an area for people new to the topic (not to the community) to quickly get the best resources and reduce the sense of overwhelm.
  • Search box at the top of the page (esp. for customer support).
  • Clear contrasts between text and background images/colors.
  • Static copy is kept to a minimum and dynamic copy fills most of the page to always provide regulars something new to see.
  • Members can quickly scan the latest content for activity they want to participate in and respond to.
  • Separate most popular from most recent and show members both simultaneously (in 2 or more separate areas on the homepage).
  • Pinned discussions featuring most exciting content at the top.
  • Avoid stock photos where possible, use photos of your members.
  • Clear calls to action based upon desired contributions from community members.
  • Community is linked to from a tab on company homepage (and ideally contributions are featured on the homepage).
  • Navigation bar at the top or left-hand side.
  • All content is a maximum ‘three clicks deep’.
  • Long-scroll showing multiple types of engagement.
  • Banner shrinks to fit mobile – with swipe option to remove.
  • Static copy removed in favour of a one-screen view of community activity.
  • Calls to action significantly enlarged.
  • Member can easily tap/swipe to like/share community activity.

p.s. Full list of optimization is part of our benchmarks.

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