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The Best Community Investment

Richard Millington
Richard Millington

Founder of FeverBee

…is in you.

Specifically, investing in the skills and knowledge of the team running the community.

Every community needs a highly trained and highly skilled community professional.

But which skills and knowledge matter most? Should you learn strategy, data analytics, persuasion, habits, community engagement tactics, or dive deep into technology?

This Monday (August 5), I’ll be speaking with CMX Founder David Spinks to answer this (and many other) questions.

We’re going to cover the critical community skills at different stages of the community lifecycle and what you can/can’t learn on the job.

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I hope you will join us.

In other news…

  • New coaching program. We’ve recently launched a new community coaching program and want your feedback. I’m recruiting 12 people to complete a free 3-month trial. If you want to join them, email me.

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