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Losing Them Downstream

Richard Millington
Richard Millington

Founder of FeverBee

There are plenty of gimmicks to get a visitor to register to join a community.

You can make them register to see answers to questions, get access to content, attend events, or make bigger promises if members register.

As a client discovered recently, you can double, even quadruple, your registration rate doing this.

But you can hopefully see the problem above. While the first conversion rate goes up, the next conversion rate plummets. These members joined to get immediate benefit. This hasn’t made them more likely to participate or do any of the things that add value to a community. You’re just getting less interested people to sign up for the community.

There’s no prize for this.

If your conversion rates aren’t great (i.e. you’re getting a lot of visitors but few ever become regular members), you need to work on the core fundamentals.

This means taking the time to deeper align the community concept with their immediate hopes, fears, and problems.

It might mean targeting a smaller target audience, ensuring discussions, content, and activities are targeted towards more immediate challenges. Rewriting your community copy to communicate this better.

Let the model be your guide and avoid conversion gimmicks.

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