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Community Member Onboarding Journey Template [free template]

Richard Millington
Richard Millington

Founder of FeverBee

Here’s a simple summer project. Update and improve your community member’s retention rate.

There are a few steps to this.

1) Go through the typical member journey yourself. Take a screenshot of every single page you see along the journey. This might begin with a search results page in Google.

2) Drop every step into Smaply. If you have multiple audiences/journeys, then drop each in here.

3) Get data on how many people advance from each stage. You should usually be able to know how many people click and advance from one action to the next. Better yet, set up the system in Google Sheets to automatically pull this data from Google Analytics.

4) Test and improve every single step. Now go through each stage again and optimize every step of the way. Think clearly about the communications and actions you’re asking members to take.

You can begin with our free template here if you like. This video from a session with Vanilla might also help:

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