When Members Don’t Have Time To Participate In Your Community

April 28, 2010Comments Off on When Members Don’t Have Time To Participate In Your Community

The problem with building a community for Fortune 500 CEOs is they don’t have time to participate in your community. Neither do doctors, lawyers, parents, plumbers, electricians, homebuyers or anyone, except the unemployed. Even the unemployed are too busy watching Oprah and job-hunting.

“I don’t have time” really means “I don’t prioritise your community highly enough”. Luckily, priorities can be shifted. If your community offers more value (content, advice, access to influencers, future job opportunities, recruiting opportunities) than answering e-mail/writing reports, you’re going to win.

If your community is more fun (hosted events, great banter, strong ego appeals, chances for recognition/appreciation from peers) than watching television, you’re also going to win.

The epic win is to offer both. A highly valuable community which is very enjoyable to participate in. Hard to do, but worthwhile if members check your page before they check their e-mails in the morning.

There are very few people whose priorities can’t be altered. If your audience are busy people, you need to increase the value, increase the fun or target different people.

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