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Start A WhatsApp Group

Richard Millington
Richard Millington

Founder of FeverBee

A good way to test your core community skills is by starting a WhatsApp group.

Invite your closest friends, colleagues, or family to join and see how it goes.

Can you identify and build relationships with founding members?
Can you get a name that sticks?
Can you keep people active?
Can you keep the discussions useful and interesting enough?
Can you resolve disagreements?
Can you make newcomers feel comfortable participating?
Can you make it real and have in-person meetups?
Can you build a strong sense of community.
Can you get people to like you and like each other?

You will learn how to be positive without patronizing, how to be caring without overbearing, and how to give members a sense of ownership without losing control.

Sure, you can’t learn more about superusers, platform optimizations and the rest, but you can practice and learn an awful lot.

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