Get 42 Talks From Top Community Experts For Free This Week

Want to see 42 of the top experts in the online community space but can’t afford to attend an event?

Salesforce have sponsored a free VIP video pass to everyone that signs up this week.

This package includes talks from Google, FitBit, Moz, Airbnb, HuffingtonPost, Discourse, Community Roundtable, GitHub, Wikipedia, Lithium, Pinterest, ourselves and top experts in the fields of psychology, speechwriting, and habit-formation.

Usually it sells for $300, this week it’s absolutely free.

If you want to get 42+ expert talks for free, click here.

(offer expires midnight Friday UK time).


  1. Suzi Nelson says:

    Awesome! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Richard Millington says:

    you’re welcome… I hope it helps!

    Everyone else that signed up should have access by the end of todsay.

  3. Alessio Fattorini says:

    Signed up, amazing stuff! Thank you

  4. Gear Buzz says:


    Did it on my mobile. Just a heads up - the confirmation page afterwards is broken on mobile. (The share with someone else page)

  5. Richard Millington says:

    sorry about that. Bit of a bug.

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