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The Most Valuable Tips Target Beginners

Richard Millington
Richard Millington

Founder of FeverBee

In a short spell, Karen posted 12 short tips in the Adobe Photoshop Beginners community.

Every tip was targeted at beginners. Topics included:

Each post contained a few short paragraphs and links to further videos and resources.

These tips have received 200,000+ views in the past few years.

Two points here about turning your members into ALLIES…

1) It’s far harder to get members to contribute expertise targeted at the beginner level than expert level. Yet you’ll have far more beginners than experts. Have you answered and featured the best beginner-level advice from your members?

2) Beginners are more likely to churn than experts. They have less invested in the software, may be on free trials, and are more likely to be overwhelmed when they first start.

If we conservatively estimate just 1% of those who viewed these tips stuck with Photoshop because of the advice, this equates to 2000+ customers.

If we conservatively multiply this by Adobe’s lowest subscription fee ($120) and these short, simple, tips alone may be driving at least $240k per year.

And this is just one set of users’ tips, for one forum, for one product, for one year. Once you start doing the multiples here, the value of getting members to share tips for beginners will rise exponentially.

Most experts want to impress their peers by sharing expert-level advice. The bigger win might be getting members to share advice for beginners.

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