Upward cycles

The community sends remarkable stories and case studies to the PR team. The PR team promotes the stories which drives more people back to the community. This generates more remarkable stories to share with the PR team.

The community sends leads to the sales team. The sales team send prospects/new customers to the community. This creates a bigger community which generates more leads to the sales team.

The community sends innovative ideas to product engineers. Engineers start soliciting the opinions of community members more frequently. This drives better engagement in the community and more innovative ideas to engineers.

The community begins reducing the workload on customer support agents, who begin driving more people to the community, which further reduces the workload of customer support agents.

The top 5 questions each week are sent to the content marketing team. They create content based upon these questions with links back to the community for more discussions. This leads to more questions for the content marketing team to answer.

There are plenty of upward cycles you can start today.

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