How Do I Make My Community Unique?

September 8, 2020 ,,Comments Off on How Do I Make My Community Unique?

A question this week, ‘there are similar communities to the one I want to build, how do I make mine unique?’

If you want a community simply for the sake of having a community, you’re going to find it hard. This happens often with individuals, but brands often run into this trouble too. They create a community for an audience that either doesn’t need one or already has one.

If you don’t have any unique change you want to make in the world, if you can’t clearly see why your audience needs another community, if you don’t have something screaming at you to build this community today, you probably shouldn’t build a community.

This is like wanting to write a book without knowing what to write about or wanting to start a business without being sure what you’ll sell.

A community is a slog at times. You need to know the ‘why’ you’re doing these things to stick with it. Without a powerful ‘why’, you’ll give up when the going gets tough.

If you’re not sure how to make your community unique, you probably haven’t spent enough time with your community. You haven’t listened and empathised with their needs. You’ve haven’t connected with the things that motivate them and properly uncovered their frustrations. I’d go back and start there.

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