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The Right Way To Use On-Site Community Tutorials

Richard Millington
Richard Millington

Founder of FeverBee

The wrong way is as a crutch for bad design.

An on-site tutorial is not the solution to a complicated design.

If it’s too complicated to use, improve the design.

Most members simply click through a website tutorial anyway.

A better approach is to trigger a tutorial by an event.

i.e. After a member reaches a certain gamification level, has been a member for a year, or earned a special badge, they gain new powers. Here a pop-up/on-site tutorial can show them what they now have access to and how to use it.

Now you’re creating pop-ups people are excited to see and actually read.

Bonus tip – hold some permissions back from newcomers so you can surprise them with new permissions later.

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Subscribe for regular insights