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How Much Time Do They Have To Participate?

Richard Millington
Richard Millington

Founder of FeverBee

A client was recently tasked with trying to figure out how much time prospective members would have in their upcoming community.

This is a fool’s errand. It’s like asking how much time people have to learn a new skill during work hours.

The answer will always be ‘not much’.

No-one has an empty slot in their calendar to watch paint dry.

But neither are most of us running non-stop from back to back meetings all day, every day.

Like most things, it’s a question of priorities and persuasion. You have to answer the main questions.

  1. Is the community aligned to an immediate, major, priority in your member’s lives?
  2. Is the community the best method for members to achieve that priority or satiate that goal?
  3. Do people know you, trust you, and believe you can deliver on the community’s promise (this is the persuasion bit).

It’s never a question of time. It’s always a question of priority and persuasion.

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