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The Interest Must Comes First

Richard Millington
Richard Millington

Founder of FeverBee

Dig My Drive isn’t a terrible idea.

200m drive in North America, so why not build a community where they can talk about driving?

The problem is 200m people in North America would rather not drive at all. Driving is what they must endure to get where they want to be. People don’t want to talk about driving any more than they want to talk about the commute on the train. In the short term I predict it will be moderately successful. It’s a gimmick. In the long term, less so.

Communities only thrive when its members are really passionate about the subject matter. They have to be passionate enough to find some real friends, spend their personal time helping create content and participating in the community.

This is the difference between a community for casual drivers and, say, parenting communities. Parents want to be parents, it’s a huge part of their lives. Driving the kids to school is not.

If you’re building a community, find a group of people that are very passionate about something and connect them together. If that passionate or interest isn’t there, don’t create a community.

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