The Culture Of The First 100 Members

February 13, 2015Comments Off on The Culture Of The First 100 Members

I recently removed a comment on CommunityGeek.

It didn't violate any rules or user guidelines.

We didn't receive any complaints about it.

It just felt a little mean.

If we allowed it, more mean comments might follow. The community might gain a reputation where the mean community professionals spend their time. That's not where we want to be. 

You have a small window in the early stages of building a community to set and establish culture and traditions. This is such a delicate time in the process of building a community. You can carefully highlight, select, and remove posts/members to suit the culture you want to create. 

The first 100 members will determine how the following 1000 behave. Best to make sure they behave the right way.

p.s. Two of our speakers will explain how to create and establish culture at SPRINT Europe on Feb 24 – 25. Click here if you want to come to Europe's biggest community management event. 

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