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Richard Millington
Richard Millington

Founder of FeverBee

FeverBee Community Management Course – Greenpeace

“The course has been a truly valuable experience to me. It outperformed my expectations and has sent me away fired-up with inspiration and concrete plans. I believe this will make a real difference to the value of my community.

I found that Richard has an admirable degree of knowledge and gave an excellent insight into all the complexities of on the area of community management.

Very informative and interactive”. 


Vanessa van Donselaar, Mobilization Officer, Greenpeace

  Logo-GREENPEACEGreenPeace Logo



Consultancy University of Alaska Anchorage

“Feverbee is truly brings a one of a kind expertise to their community consulting and course. Their use of social science theory and proven methods of interaction, coupled with practical strategies and planning templates, helped our process and project tremendously.

Translating business process and some community concepts to a higher education setting was a new challenge for us, and Nancy was a pleasure to work with and provided thorough support, guidance and feedback through the entire consultancy phase.

Ongoing support offerings andexceptional online resources  left us feeling like we still have a partner in our community strategy, and make Feverbee stand out as a true leaders and innovators in this field”.

Sarah FrickSarah Frick, Academic Commons Community
Assistant Director, Professional Development,  Academic Innovations & eLearning




FeverBee Community Management Course – Oracle Health Services 

“The knowledge and skills I have obtained from this course are helping me become a more effective and influential community manager. I am now able to effectively define and achieve the right goals for the community.

I would recommend this course to anyone involved with online community management”

Michelle-coolican-100x100Michelle CoolicanCommunity Manager, Oracle Health Services





Training – World Bank

“On May 6-7, 2014 we organized a two-day boot camp with a total of 14 workshops delivered by FeverBee on two parallel tracks. Working with FeverBee allowed us to train more than 50 community managers, community leaders, and knowledge management professionals interested in communities.

The community management workshops were very well received by participants, who appreciated not only their content but also the clarity in which was delivered. FeverBee’s workshop materials are being used as the foundation to develop the World Bank Group’s own training materials on building, growing, and managing communities. What FeverBee delivered in two-days will serve our organization for years to come!”.

Ivan Butina

 Ivan ButinaConsultant on Communities of Practice, World Bank


FeverBee Community Management Course – AVID

When I completed the course, I was a community manager with more than 4 years of experience, and I found the course to be extremely beneficial. I didn’t think the first half of the course would be very helpful as I already manage 2 active communities for my company, however it offered new advice alongside the more advanced levels of the course which I was primarily interested in.

This background information has helped me understand the things I did wrong, or simply didn’t do in the beginning; and has given me a better understanding of my communities and their members.

The knowledge I have acquired through this course is helping me become a more effective and influential community manager. I am now able to accurately define and achieve the right goals for the community; and am more confident in articulating the needs, purpose, and benefits of the community to upper management.

I would recommend this course to anyone involved with online community management, at all experience levels”

JaredAdler-100x100Jared Adler, Community Manager,






Consultancy – Ben’s Friends

“Ben’s Friends is a network of patient communities helping people living with rare diseases.  The impact of our entire nonprofit depends on using the right software platform to run our communities.  
I did some research on the options but was still unsure of the best solution and anxious that there might be a platform out there that I haven’t heard of.   A consultation with Darren from FeverBee was all it took to get us pointed in the right direction and save us thousands of dollars and months of integration headaches had we gone with the wrong platform. 
Thanks, Feverbee”.
Ben Munoz, Founder of Ben’s Friends
Ben's Friends

FeverBee Community Management Course – Canadian Cancer Society

“Richard has the ability to distill theory from a variety of disciplines and apply it to online communities. His pragmatic suggestions for online community management have proven very valuable in finding the best approach for our organisation”

Heather Sinardo, Senior Manager, CancerConnection, Canadian Cancer Society

Canadian Cancer



FeverBee Community Management Course – Wikimedia Foundation, Inc.

“There are many people and courses – too many – purporting to know how to develop community managers and community management skills. The majority of them are the equivalent of snake-oil remedies, charlatans and hucksters. This is not one of those courses.

The skills taught here are practical, realistic, and mirror actual daily usage. Whether you are a newly minted community manager, or someone with years of experience looking for a new perspective, this course will be helpful to you”.

Philippe Beaudette
, Director, Community Advocacy, Wikimedia Foundation, Inc. Wikimedia




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