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Audience Targeting and Page Variations

Richard Millington
Richard Millington

Founder of FeverBee

A common problem is trying to design a community to appeal to multiple audiences at once.

If you have developers, customers, buyers, resellers, and more all in the same community, it’s a nightmare to try and develop an experience to satisfy each of them. Yet, it’s also a real pain to have them click a button on each visit to go to the content they want to find.

One solution to this offered by Salesforce (and some other platforms) is audience targeting.

Once members login to the community, you can use their profile data, activity data, any fields they’ve completed to create a unique experience for each audience.

This might be a different variation of the page, a display of different features, showing different discussions, creating different navigation menus etc…(here’s a good overview).

If you’re using one of the more inexpensive platforms, you might not have this option. If you’re using an enterprise community platform, you should start exploring what you can do.

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