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Systems To Encourage More Content From Members

Richard Millington
Richard Millington

Founder of FeverBee

The reason you’re not getting enough high-quality resources being shared in your community is probably because you’re not encouraging them.

In most communities, any member can share any resource they want at any time they want. This means there’s never any urgency to create anything.

Why not explore some other ideas?

1) Newcomers Only. Target a specific group (perhaps newcomers or veterans), and give them unique abilities to create and share resources in a given time period. Perhaps a newcomer’s guide to a topic. Or perhaps an advanced guide.

2) Groups. Either let members form groups (or assign them to teams) and set a common challenge. Whomever best solves the problem (as voted by the rest of the community) wins. This not only helps members create unique approaches it helps form connections through shared collaboration.

3) Sprints. Set a time period (1 week?) to create or gather together the best resources on a topic. At the end of the week, the best contributors get a prize. The entire community benefits from the new collection of resources on the topic.

4) Share to get. My favourite, begin with a big collection of resources. If members want access to it, they have to share their own resource. Each person who contributes to the honeypot increases the value to existing and new members.

The best ideas come from tweaking who can create/post the resource, when they can do it, and on what topics they can do it.

There’s no reason you can’t expand this to create collections of photos, videos, audio, or any form of written content that you like.

Just don’t be boring.

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