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Superusers Don’t Work For Free

Richard Millington
Richard Millington

Founder of FeverBee

Your top members aren’t answering questions for free.

They’re being paid in things they value more than money.

They’re being paid in how it feels when they help others and receive gratitude.

They’re being paid in feeling smarter about the topic and more competent at what they do.

They’re being paid in the relationships they form and finding a sense of identity.

They’re being paid in the reputation they nurture and feeling like they matter.

They’re being paid in feeling important by members and by the brand.

They’re being paid in things money can’t buy.

You don’t encourage superusers by finding tangible rewards with ever-greater value, you encourage superusers by doing whatever it takes to best amplify these feelings.

The most powerful rewards include:

  • Ensuring members thank those who provided the answer to their problem and highlight how much it helped.
  • Providing exclusive training and expertise which makes superusers feel smarter and appreciated.
  • Asking the PR team to promote their work, inviting them to speak at company events, or lead areas of the community (AMAs/Live chats etc..)
  • Gathering superusers together in the same room so they can form strong relationships with fellow superusers.
  • Providing unique access to insider information, attend CEO calls, or have contacts to ask for advice.

Don’t increase the size of a reward, amplify the feelings members want when they help.

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