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The Pure Sprint

Richard Millington
Richard Millington

Founder of FeverBee

You sprint when you want to progress quickly as possible.

In two months’ time, we’re hosting a community sprint.

We want to take a group of community experts to the next level in community building.

This is a level that moves beyond anecdotal stories and guesswork. It’s a level where we apply proven science to build better communities. It’s a level where we focus on principles that we can use to predictably create and grow any number of communities.

And you’re invited.

You will be joined by the top experts in a variety of fields who will explain how to take proven concepts of psychology and deploy them within your community to great impact.

If you’re looking to grow your community, increase activity, generate more value, or tackle internal challenges, I think you should join us.

  • Myself: Applying next generation motivational techniques to building communities.
  • Roger Dooley: Using brain science to increase conversion in communities.
  • Jono Bacon: Hacking Communities with Behavioral Science
  • John Egan: Advanced growth techniques used by Pinterest
  • Jeff Atwood: Addicted to Community
  • Dion Hinchcliffe: Exploring the cutting edge of community building
  • Felicity Barber: Powerful speechwriting techniques to persuade members
  • Nathan Mahon: Really understanding and motivating members
  • Kare Anderson: Hidden behavioral clues that boost credibility
  • Brian Cugelman: How to use influence signals to build communities
  • Stephanie Beadell: How to read your members’ minds and give them exactly what they want
  • Rachel Happe: Architecting Community Culture

The $285 fee also includes:

  • Access to all 16 videos from our 2014 SPRINT USA
  • Access to all the videos from our SPRINT UK event.
  • Breakfast
  • Lunch
  • Free drinks at the after-party
  • And a number of goodies

I hope you will agree it’s an incredible deal for $285.

We think we can pack in an incredible amount of value that will help you improve a lot in a single day. Hopefully you can join us.

You can buy tickets at:

(ticket prices will rise at the end of next week)

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