Building A Related Skillset

April 6, 2017 Comments Off on Building A Related Skillset

Reflecting upon the people we (and others) have hired recently, most seem to fall into the community plus category.

They bring community talent, but they also bring something extra to the table.

It might be a relationship with every top person in their field.
It might be creative content skills (video etc..)
It might be copywriting.
It might be statistics and analytics.
It might be persuasion or public speaking.
It might be programming.
It might be design and user experience.
It might be understanding the full capabilities of community platforms.
It might be project management.
It might be sales.
It might be deep legal expertise.
It might be SEO.

Each of these can solve problems an organization rarely knows they’re facing.

If you can redesign a new dashboard for the community team to track progress, persuade apathetic members to take action, create an educational video series or increase traffic by 20%, your value is so much greater.

The next time you’re between jobs or have a few spare weekends, head on over to Coursera, Udemy, Khan or anywhere else and equip yourself with new skills. It’s well worth the time and money.

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