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Telling The Story In A Sentence

Richard Millington
Richard Millington

Founder of FeverBee

An important part of our work is summarising the entire community in a single value sentence.

Because you only get a sentence to tell your story to members and colleagues alike.

This story defines what makes your community so unique, valuable, and timely that members would be nuts not to be involved.

Your story might imply why the community exists, why it was brought about by you, and what its future might look like.

There’s no shortage of options. For example;

  • No-one has brought together the sector’s top experts, until now.
  • We’re putting all the best answers in a single place, help us.
  • Explore the thrilling cutting edge of the industry.
  • A private peer group to support your growth.
  • Get expert feedback before you launch your project.
  • Test your ideas here, stop wasting time, and stop making mistakes.
  • Share your successes, commiserate on your failures.
  • Exchange quick tips to grow your business.
  • Get serious about your data, a no chit-chat zone.
  • We’re going to change the future of [industry].
  • Rapid responses to your pressing questions.

It’s tempting to string together every possible benefit hoping one finds the mark.

But that ends up in a muddle where no message stands out.

Focus on a single benefit, the one members can’t live without and make sure all your discussions, events, communications, and activities exemplify that benefit.

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