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Seeking Speakers for SPRINT: San Francisco (Nov 12)

Richard Millington
Richard Millington

Founder of FeverBee

Last year’s FeverBee SPRINT was the biggest community event of the year.

On Nov 11 – 12, we’re back with a new theme; tactical psychology.

We want to find experts who can help us get into our members’ heads and distil complex psychology into practical actions. This is the single, greatest, scope for improvement today.

Specifically, we’re looking for speakers who can talk about the most exciting and relevant aspects of communities such as:

  • Habits. How to create habits of participating in communities.
  • Nudges. How to make simple changes which ‘nudge’ members to take positive actions in the community.
  • Self-disclosure. How do you get members to open themselves up to the community?
  • Sense of community. How do you get members to feel a stronger sense of community.
  • Psychology of advocacy/referrals. What causes members.
  • Self-determination theory. How to give members competence, relatedness, and a sense of autonomy.
  • Influence. How to have mass-influence over a community’s actions.
  • Onboarding. What are the most effective ways to onboard members and make them feel part of the group?
  • Network science. How many people do you need approach to start a positive chain reaction?

This isn’t an exhaustive list, feel free to proposal your own topics within the theme.

You can e-mail me and put yourself forward. We would love to hear about your proposed topic, the evidence, and any videos from your previous talks.

If you know someone that would be perfect, feel free to recommend them too. If you recommend someone we use, we’ll pay you $30.

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