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The Problem With Measuring Satisfaction

Richard Millington
Richard Millington

Founder of FeverBee

If you use a satisfaction feedback score, community managers will only reply to questions when they are sure the answer will be happy.

That’s not in the best interests of the member (or your business).

If you measure engagement metrics, you’ll get more competitions, events, games, and off-topic discussions.

If you measure registrations, you’ll get pop-up boxes, clickbait, and rewards for people when they sign up.

If you measure activity per active member, you’ll get community managers removing the less active members.

If you measure the % of discussions you reply to, community managers will give shorter, repetitive, answers to each question.

And if you use all five, you might just get all five. None of which bodes well for the community.

Always supplement any data metrics with common sense and qualitative data. Use surveys, interviews, and your own observations.

If you use data-driven metrics alone to set targets, assess performance, and give bonuses, you’re setting yourself up for problems.

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