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Don’t Use Pure Voting Systems

Richard Millington
Richard Millington

Founder of FeverBee

Community voting systems often create front pages filled with professional-looking content.

This might include detailed, long-form, articles, professional-looking videos and images, or podcasts few can create.

This deters most members from participating.

If a member doesn’t feel they can create content at a similar level, they don’t participate.

That’s why you usually don’t want a pure voting system. It too often reflects the skill set and resources of a core few members which sideline the rest.

Instead, you want to have featured content, discussions, and other materials that you (and a few allies) select to appear on the front page too. Call it ‘editor’s picks’ if you like.

Feature the raw content with blemishes. Show the diversity of the community (of people and their creations). Make it obvious that this is a community that welcomes all contributions.

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