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Don’t Spend A Lot Of Time On Posts Few People See

Richard Millington
Richard Millington

Founder of FeverBee

I’ve seen dozens of clients spend countless time roping in marketing, PR, and legal teams to collaborate on a post (or response) few people will ever see.

This doesn’t mean the person didn’t deserve a response (or you shouldn’t make the post). It simply means it’s not a good use of everyone’s time.

If your average discussion is viewed by 30 people and you’re spending hours collaborating on it, that doesn’t make sense.

It’s perfectly ok to reply with ‘this is too complex an issue to respond here, we’ll contact you privately to help’.

The exception is when a lot of people will see it. This means the issue is rapidly gaining traction or you’re planning on sending (or highlighting the response) to your entire mailing list. Then it’s worth spending a lot of time on it indeed.

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