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Train Now Or Police Later

Richard Millington
Richard Millington

Founder of FeverBee

Read this post by Dave from Agilebits.

“The reality is we could make Slack work for us but it would require constant policing. I simply don’t want to be that bad cop, and I don’t want to hire a police force either. Furthermore, Slack was not designed for the deep, meaningful conversations that are needed to move 1Password forward.”

One of the startling results of our survey is most organisations spend precisely 0 hours training their employees how to collaborate. Yet everyone seems to expect new colleagues to be great team players from day 1.

Consider that for a second. New employees learn who their colleagues are, how to do their work, where the break room is, and even how to safely lift heavy objects…but no-one tells them how to be an effective team member.

What tools should they use for which purpose? Who needs what information and when? How should information be delivered? What are the intricacies of the tools we should know?

If you don’t train now, you will need to police later. And policing isn’t fun.

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