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Noticing Sparks of Insight

Richard Millington
Richard Millington

Founder of FeverBee

Wistia’s CEO, Rob Savage, once told me about a behind-the-scenes video they had posted about his (then) fledgling company.

The video itself was nothing special. But when they looked at the video stats they noticed something startling; viewers were repeatedly rewatching the final five seconds of the video.

This was the moment the camera pulled back to reveal the lighting setup.

This led to a major insight. Viewers didn’t want to know about the product, they wanted to learn how to set up the lighting equipment for themselves. This later led to an incredible content library and a community committed to sharing best practices with each other.

In the hubbub of managing a community, it’s important not to miss potentially game-changing sparks of insight like this. Posts that get far more responses than others, articles that get more views or are shared more on social media, members who are rapidly gaining a following etc…

I’d add this as an open field at the end of your weekly/monthly reports.

What surprised you this week?

Sure, nothing might come from most of them. But you never know whether you (or others), can use them to pick up on a major trend or opportunity.

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