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Naming The Community

Richard Millington
Richard Millington

Founder of FeverBee

Yes, you can call it the ‘[companyname]’ community.

There’s no major harm in that, but there’s not much benefit in it either.

Would your audience genuinely be proud to say they are in the ‘companyname’ community (and would you?) Maybe, but it’s far less likely than if you had given the community a proper name.

A great name can be more powerful than you imagine.

If you’re naming a community, begin with how your members talk to one another. What words do they use that sound unique? What would a collective of your audience look like and feel like? That’s where you can start fishing for interesting names that resonate.

Yet, a name isn’t just for your members, it’s also for your colleagues. You name all your products (and maybe plenty of your internal projects too).

Come up with a list of potential names, whittle them down to 3 good choices and let senior colleagues have input.

Many organisations have made a mistake in not properly naming their community. You don’t need to repeat their mistake.

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