Use A Symbol For The Community Name

March 11, 2011Comments Off on Use A Symbol For The Community Name

Naming a community is difficult. 

Most companies do a terrible job of it

Element14 is a good name. It's symbolic. If you're a part of the design-engineering audience that they're trying to reach, it's a name that has meaning. It's a symbol. It's a flag that indicates this is a place for you. 

If you're not a member, it's just another name and another number. 

StackOverflow (now $12m richer) is a good name. The insiders gets it, the outsiders don't. VirginMedia Pioneers is a bad name (sorry Erica). It isn't a symbol shared amongst members.

Naming a community is usually something to avoid getting wrong. The easy way to get it right is to use an existing symbol with shared meaning amongst the audience

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