More Speakers for FeverBee SPRINT in October

August 1, 2014Comments Off on More Speakers for FeverBee SPRINT in October

On Oct 29 – 30, the world's top online community professionals will be coming to San Francisco for FeverBee's SPRINT.  

This is the final day you can get discounted tickets for the event. If you need permission from your boss to attend, you might want to remind them.

You can also get a 50% discount if you join CommunityGeek


Two new speakers

We can also confirm two new great speakers two our line-up; Joe Cothrel (Chief Community Officer, Lithium) and Jennifer 'Sabel' Lopez (Director of Community, Moz) 

Joe Cothrel – Chief Community Officer, Lithium

Joe Cothrel is the biggest name in the community space. He's helped hundreds of the world's largest companies develop thriving communities, trained more than 500+ community professionals, published books in communities, and authored over a dozen highly-respected papers on communities. 

Jennifer 'Sable' Lopez – Director of Community, Moz

Jennifer Lopez (yup!) is the architect behind Moz's thriving community of inbound marketers. She's been from the early stages of limited activity to a community so successful they can host 1400+ member events. Jenn is also a leading expert in SEO and communities. 


Updated speaker line-up for FeverBee SPRINT

This brings our updated speaker-line-up to: 

  • Joe Cothrel (Chief Community Officer, Lithium)
  • Jennifer Lopez (Director of Community, Moz)
  • Myself (Richard Millington – FeverBee)
  • Loree Draude (Head of Communities, Google)
  • Philippe Beaudette (Director of Community, Wikipedia)
  • Rachel Happe (Founder, Community Roundtable)
  • Douglas Atkin (Global Head of Community, Airbnb)
  • Jeff Atwood (Founder Discourse and StackExchange)
  • Allison Leahy (Community Manager, FitBit)
  • John Baku (Founder, FetLife)
  • Justin Isaf (Consultant, Communl / Huffington Post)
  • Rob LudLow (Founder, Backyard Chickens)
  • Dianne Kibbey (Global Head of Community, Premier Farnell)
  • Caty Kobe (Director of Community, OpenTable)

If you want to buy your tickets, I hope you do it today to save money.

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