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The Missing Million Dollar Community Page

Richard Millington
Richard Millington

Founder of FeverBee

In The Indispensable Community, we saw how brands like DocuSign, Quickbase, HP and many others have generated millions of dollars from their communities by asking for reviews and testimonials.

Almost every marketer knows reviews and testimonials are among the biggest influences on buying habits. But few of us are even asking for them.

You have access to your organization’s best and most passionate customers. Why not invite them to share their story? Would they not want to highlight how successful they have been to others?

Okta has done this better than anyone I’ve seen via it’s Ozone advocacy community.

Getting a dozen or more happy members to share their success stories is one of the highest impact activities you can undertake. Getting 20+ positive reviews on a site like TrustRadius can turn your company into a market leader and drive millions of dollars in sales each year.

Why are you not doing it?

Note: Okta & HP are FeverBee clients.

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