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Top Members – More Questions Or More Answers?

Richard Millington
Richard Millington

Founder of FeverBee

You don’t want to flood the community with superusers to answer a trickle of questions.

If all your questions are getting quick responses, you need more questions.

That means promoting the community. You can usually achieve this via ensuring better placement on the website, better integration with your products/services, improving search rankings, social ads, or direct promotion to existing audiences.

If you’re not getting enough good, quick, answers to questions you need more MVPs/motivated top members. But don’t recruit too many and have an army of members with nothing to do.

Brand new communities need 2 to 3, established communities typically need 10 to 15, and mature communities up to 50 to 70. With some exceptions for ‘mega communities’, you need far fewer top members than you think.

The problem is rarely quantity, it’s always the quality of relationships you can build with them. And more people in your MVP program can harm the quality of relationships you build with them.

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